ZZ Top Set List Collection

Lists here are contributed. If you have a list to contribute, or questions or comments, please see the note at the bottom of this page. I don't mean for this to be an exhaustive list of every concert that's ever taken place; this is just to give an idea of which songs have typically been played in concert in the past. Enjoy, and have mercy!

For more concert dates, please check Mr. Random & Bert Gangl's ZZ Top Tour Dates page. Please note that some dates prior to 1996 which are no longer listed here were dates recorded on bootleg albums without any substantiation other than the written label on the bootleg. Many dates have later turned out to be in error therefore my policy is no longer to record data submitted strictly based upon a bootleg recording unless additional information is supplied to substantiate the date of the recording.

Please read this special note before sending in your set list: I have detected a number of mistakes where people sent me email after a show based on looking at set lists on my site from earlier shows and, based on memory, deciding some other show on this page seemed the same as their show. I do not want to continue to detect errors and receive apologies from people who wind up admitting they didn't really write it down as it happened -- and then missed or forgot about subtle but easily recorded differences such as skipped songs, song order changes, etc. If you are submitting a set list, it MUST be based on notes you took during the concert. If the set list really is identical to a prior night, and you want to save time by not retyping the whole thing, you MUST include a statement that says "set list written down at the show (or printed off in advance) and compared to prior," so I know it's an actual set list from the show, not some beer induced misrecollection! (Hint: I saw a show in Kansas City where I am pretty sure they skipped Legs! But, I was not writing it down as I went, so, it's not included above!)

Lastly, please be advised that all set lists sent in via email become the property of the Little ol' Web Page from Texas.

Now, if all that didn't turn you off to sending in your set list, please do so by e-mailing it to me at pbz@lowpft.com.

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Peter Zurich