LOWPFT Guitar Pick Order Form

LOWPFT branded guitar picks are now available for concert handouts, as well as for your individual use or collection! Thank you for participating in our effort to grow the community and bring more ZZ Top fans to the Little ol' Web Page from Texas, and to the ZZ Top Mailing Lizzt. Your help, along with the help of your fellow lizzters, is crucial in getting the word out about the mailing lizzt and continuing to bring together fans from all over the world.

Background information and project introduction:

The primary purpose of this effort is to get the word out about the mailing list and web site, which we will do by sending LOWPFT picks to anyone who is attending a concert. If you're attending a concert sometime soon, this means you!! Give the picks away to people as a reminder to visit the web site and hopefully they will join the mailing lizzt too! If you have time, tell em a little about it. If you don't have time, just hand em a pick and tell them to check out the site and "join the mailing list at the bottom". Remember, we want to bring in both "lifers" (guys that have been around since the first concerts in the 70's and may still wear those satin jackets or other memorabilia from very old tours) as well as new fans -- pretty much anyone who looks like a super-fan and who might visit the web site and join the community. Here are some things to watch out for: Beware of "9th-caller" types who are only in the front row because they won tickets from some radio station and they never even heard of Eliminator! Hot blondes are OK... drunks and kids under 14, NOT OK!! Someone at the concert alone, singing along to a relatively obscure song... you found yourself a super-fan! Give 'em a guitar pick and tell em to hit the web site and join up!

The secondary purpose of this project is for guitar players, collectors, and other lizzt members to be able to have a token of their membership in the list. We as a group should be honored to have anyone who wants to order up picks for a collection, for turning into a necklace pendant, pin, or other attire, or (gasp!) even to use for actual guitar playing. (Yes, they will work for that too!)

You may order picks for yourself AND for others if you wish. Just fill out the appropriate section(s) below, then follow the instructions at the bottom of the page.



Date(s) of concert(s) you will distribute picks at:

Total number of picks requested for distribution at concerts:
(Note: There is a 40-pick limit per concert.)

Suggested contribution is $5 per 20 picks. Any additional contribution you can send will enable us to distribute picks at concerts overseas, where the shipping costs are much higher.
Contribution you can send for picks to distribute at concerts:


Number of picks requested:
Orange GrippX (0.60mm)
Orange Pearl Cellulose (0.71mm)
Yellow GrippX (0.73mm)
Green GrippX (0.88mm)
Blue GrippX (1.00mm)

The suggested contribution for picks for personal use is $1 for the first pick plus $1 for each additional three picks. (i.e., $2 for 4 picks total, $3 for 7 picks total, $4 for 10 picks total, etc.)
Contribution you can send for picks for personal use:

Please enter your name, postal address and email address:

To submit your request, save this completed form using one of the following two methods:

  1. For Internet Explorer users, your browser has a File; Send; "Page by E-mail..." function. Send it to pbz@Lowpft.com .
  2. For Mozilla Firefox users, use the File; Save Page As function, and save the file someplace convenient, like your Desktop. After saving, use your email software to send me an email at pbz@Lowpft.com and attach the saved form to your email message. (Look for a paperclip icon to add an attachment, or just drag and drop the saved order form into your email.)

I will reply to acknowledge your order and let you know if any changes are necessary. I will also send instructions on how to make payment. If you are ordering picks for a concert please try to email this form to me AT LEAST TWO WEEKS before the concert you're attending, and absolutely as early as possible if you are outside the United States!