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ZZ Top, the "quintessential Texas boogie band," was formed in 1969 in Houston from rival psychedelic bands, the Moving Sidewalks (guitarist Billy Gibbons) and the American Blues (bassist Dusty Hill and drummer Frank Beard). While they would eventually become famous for hits such as "Legs," "Sharp Dressed Man," and "La Grange," the band's first two albums reflected ZZ Top's blues roots and Texas sense of humor -- as they struggled to build on their success as a local and regional act. Among their early influences: Jimi Hendrix, Howlin' Wolf, and Elvis Presley.

Click here for graphic, album title (right) for lyrics. ZZ Top's First Album (1970), ZZ Top's debut album on London Records, featuring "Shaking Your Tree" and "Brown Sugar," as well as "Back Door Love Affair," which would later be featured as part of a live concert recording on Fandango! (1975). D.S. raves about "Neighbor, Neighbor", track six, "The trend for guitar was set early. Always loved that solo. And that one fine pull-off before it explodes. And then taking it all over the world till you get back home again. And that fine startling chord tug at the end of the solo. Mane, it still be fine."

Click here for graphic, album title (right) for lyrics. Rio Grande Mud (1972), featuring ZZ's first hit single, "Francine," as well as "Just Got Paid." Other highlights include "Bar-B-Q," "Down Brownie" and "Mushmouth Shoutin'." A review is available.
By their next album, Billy Gibbons had begun to perfect his unique and distinctively dirty electric guitar sound. The self-described "Little Ol' Band from Texas" became nationally known with the release of Tres Hombres, thanks in part to constant touring and favorable radio exposure.
Click here for graphic, album title (right) for lyrics. Tres Hombres (1973), ZZ Top's first gold album, featuring "La Grange," a signature riff tune and their first Top 40 hit, as well as the twosome "Waitin' For The Bus" and "Jesus Just Left Chicago." A review is available from Rolling Stone. D.S. writes, "Waitin' on the Bus is a real favorite. So is Jesus. And ZZ's signature song, La Grange (one of Billy's hottest, but played on a Strat, not Pearly. Listen to it.) That whole album is hot, blue, and righteous. The tone is so incredible it makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up. This album is the ZZ centerpiece. All the previous cuts led to this, and this led to everything else. This is the one that established ZZ Top. No question about it. Don't care which is your favorite, this is the one."
ZZ Top's fame -- along with their reputation for being a great concert band -- grew throughout the 70s, culminating with the Worldwide Texas Tour, which drew record-breaking crowds. The tour featured a stage set with live buffalo, a long-horn steer, rattlesnakes, and buzzards. More information from past accounts is available on that tour as well as a contemporary account from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Also available is a Rolling Stone article from 1974 covering the band's early history and efforts to grow into a national act.
Click here for graphic, album title (right) for lyrics. Fandango! (1975), a half-studio, half-live album, featuring ZZ's future long-term live encore, "Tush," which hit the Top 20, as well as "Heard it on the X," a tribute to the pirate radio stations whose sound lent early influence to the band. In-depth magazine articles are available from Sound and Circus RAVES. A Rolling Stone article comparing ZZ Top, BTO and the Doobie Brothers is also available.

Click here for graphic, album title (right) for lyrics. Tejas (1976), featuring "Arrested for Driving While Blind" and "El Diablo." A Rolling Stone review and larger Circus Magazine article are available.

Click here for graphic, album title (right) for lyrics. The Best of ZZ Top (1977), London's recap of ZZ Top's early work, containing classic riff-heavy blues rockers like "Jesus Just Left Chicago," "Heard it on the X," "Tush" and "La Grange."
Exhausted from their aggressive tour schedule, the band took a three-year break. Their contract with London Records was closed out by that label's release of the 1977 retrospective album. Searching for a better deal, and a better label, they signed with Warner Brothers. Meanwhile, they began to grow their trademark beards and mystique. The band returned to action with Deguello and El Loco, both clearly driven from their roots yet influenced by current trends in pop. The band was turning in a new direction that would presage the synth-driven 80s, and their image had begun to shift from cowboys into high-tech showmen.
Click here for graphic, album title (right) for lyrics. Deguello (1979), ZZ Top's first new album on Warner, featuring "I Thank You," "Cheap Sunglasses" and concert favorite "I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide." This album is believed by some ZZ Top fans to be the band's strongest release. It also introduced the "Lone Wolf Horns," a simulcast horn section staffed by the boyzz themselves. "Deguello" was temporarily pulled from distribution because of a legal dispute between the members of Elmore James' estate. It had nothing to do with ZZ, but until they could settle amongst themselves, the family members enjoined record labels from distributing products containing Elmore James compositions (James' "Dust My Broom" appears on Deguello). The suit has been settled, and Deguello has been returned to the shelves. A review is available from Rolling Stone's Lester Bangs. Also check out this Boston Globe article from May 1, 1980.

Click here for graphic, album title (right) for lyrics. El Loco (1981), featuring "Party on the Patio," "Pearl Necklace" and "Tube Snake Boogie." This album also contains "Leila", which some say was the first song to generate an argument among the trio during the writing process. Also contained is "Heaven, Hell or Houston," which -- if you believe the story -- was originally a sound check tune that Billy added the slide part to ten years later. A press release and Kerrang! magazine article are available.
After touring in support of El Loco, the boys took another short break. Billy had spent time building a custom hot rod, and the band seized upon it as an icon in launching their next series of albums. By the release of Eliminator, and its followup, Afterburner, ZZ Top had harnessed the potential of synthesizers to stunning effect. Combining the synthesizers with the band's patented blues groove gave their material a contemporary edge while still retaining its Texas style.
Click here for graphic, album title (right) for lyrics. Eliminator (1983), named after Gibbons' 1933 Ford coupe, went multiplatinum, remaining on the charts for 135 weeks. It featured the hit trio "Gimme All Your Lovin'," "Sharp Dressed Man" and "Legs." The band didn't neglect its roots, including "I Need You Tonight," a soulful blues. Nor did they pass up the chance to include another double-entendre, in "I Got the Six." Reviews are available from a May 1983 Rolling Stone and the Rolling Stone Yearbook 1984.

Click here for graphic, album title (right) for lyrics. Afterburner (1985), another worldwide smash album which featured the Top 10 hit "Sleeping Bag," and the bluesy "Rough Boy." The boys gave a nod to space-age technology with the imagery of the album cover, videos featuring outer-space scenes, and songs like "I Got the Message" and "Velcro Fly." And of course a wink to all those in on the joke is included in "Woke Up With Wood." Reviews are available from Musician and Rolling Stone.
Sporting their trademark long beards, and riding shiny new hot rods, ZZ Top became the darling of Mtv. The band embraced music videos, using its polished image to tell its story to an even wider crowd. Gibbons became known as one of America's finest blues guitarists, while Hill and Beard continued to to provide the ultimate in tasteful support. The band as a whole moved with the times, never failing to put their Texas spin on the latest trends in the music scene.
Click here for graphic. ZZ Top Six Pack (1987), a three-CD set, contains all the music from ZZ Top's first six albums: ZZ Top's First Album, Rio Grande Mud (CD 1); Tres Hombres, Fandango! (CD 2); Tejas and El Loco (CD 3). The set was digitally remixed in Memphis, Tennessee, and is one of ZZ Top's most controversial projects in that the music contained within is appreciably different from the original vinyl releases. While the band undoubtedly did this on purpose, many fans prefer the sound of the original releases on vinyl to the re-released CD version. The only way to get the "original" music on CD, with the exception of "Best Of ZZ Top" and possibly "Deguello", is to purchase the "Chrome Smoke and BBQ" box set described below. Nothwithstanding these CD's, every other CD reissue of an original vinyl release has similar remastering.

Click here for graphic, album title (right) for lyrics. Recycler (1990), featuring "Doubleback," a theme song created for Back to the Future III, and "My Head's in Mississippi," a gritty synthesis of ZZ's early blues-rock and later high-tech gloss, that is taken by many to be a statement of purpose. A review is available from Rolling Stone and an article with interview is available from It's Hip!. Also a concert review is available.

Click here for graphic, album title (right) for lyrics. Greatest Hits (1992), featuring classic hits and two new singles, "Gun Love" and "Viva Las Vegas". The version of "Legs" on this CD is also the synthesizer-enhanced dance remix -- different from the original version which appeared on Eliminator. "Gun Love" is an upbeat rocker, top shelf, and what collection would be complete without Dusty's "Viva Las Vegas" tribute to Elvis?
After switching labels to RCA, ZZ Top began a look back at the sounds that influenced them in their early days. They largely abandoned synthesizers to create a new sound full of memorable riffs and highly reminiscent of Tres Hombres' sweaty blues-rock. ZZ Top's newest albums continue to be familiar to fans of their earlier styles, yet the nod to modern trends like rap is undeniable. Through song lyrics and fundraising appearances, the boyzz continue to pay tribute to blues originals like Muddy Waters and Lightnin' Hopkins.
Click here for graphic, album title (right) for lyrics. Antenna (1994), ZZ Top's debut RCA disc, featuring concert opener "Pincushion," and the bluesy "Breakaway." "PCH" pays tribute to Beach Boy Brian Wilson, and P.Z. says "Get down with 'Fuzzbox Voodoo.'" Reviews are available from Newsweek and Time. Two rarer tracks were also released at the time -- "Everything", a bonus track only on the European pressing of Antenna, and "Mary's," on the Breakaway CD single. An audio clip (552k .wav) is available for "Mary's."

Click here for graphic, album title (right) for lyrics. One Foot In The Blues (1994), a compendium of seventeen classic ZZ Top blues originals. A press release is available.

Click here for graphic, album title (right) for lyrics. Rhythmeen was released in the US on September 17, 1996. Singles released include "She's Just Killing Me," which was also on the "From Dusk Till Dawn" soundtrack with "Mexican Blackbird." The SJKM music video premiered 1/24/96 and was featured on the From Dusk Till Dawn Collectors Edition DVD. Other singles include "What's Up With That" (released to US radio 8/26/96 on its own CD single along with bonus song "Stop Breakin' Down Blues"), "Bang Bang" and "Rhythmeen." A press release and review are available for the album. The Japanese release of Rhythmeen contains a bonus track, "Isn't Love Amazing," for which an audio clip (750k .wav) is available.

The album release went hand-in-hand with the announcement of ZZ Top's 1996-1997 "Continental Safari" tour. Shortly thereafter, ZZ Top embarked on a follow-up global tour, called "Mean Rhythm." A press release, schedule and reviews and set list are available for the tour. An article from Guitar Magazine is also available.

Of special interest...
10/2/96: ZZ Top appeared as guests on the Late Show with David Letterman playing their new single "What's Up With That."
1/26/97: ZZ Top appeared at the Super Bowl Halftime Show. (Press Release).
10/28/97: ZZ Top appeared as surprise guests on the VH1 Fashion Awards. (Press Release).
9/30/98: Dusty Hill made a cameo appearance on the Drew Carey Show.

Click here for graphic, album title (right) for lyrics. XXX was released on September 28, 1999 in the US. The album's title, XXX, primarily refers to ZZ Top's 30-year anniversary. The album contains twelve songs, four of them live cuts recorded in small clubs. Songs include "36-22-36," "Trippin'," and a live remake of "Pincushion" entitled "Sinpusher." Reviews are available from Billboard Magazine, Rolling Stone,, and A promotional photo and poster are also available. The Japanese release of XXX contains a bonus track, Ninja Shak.

The "Fearless Boogie" single was released to US radio on 9/3/99. An audio clip (1.3MB .wav) and CD single cover are available. An audio clip is also available for "36-22-36," track 4 on the new album.

Of special interest...
9/29/99: ZZ Top was featured on the "Rockline" program.
10/7/99: The band were guests on the Late Show with David Letterman, performing "Fearless Boogie" with the Late Show band.
3/5/00: ZZ Top hosted an online chat, answering questions and announcing new tour dates. (Read the chat transcript.)

Over 100 concert dates took place on the "XXX Tour" with special guest Lynyrd Skynyrd. Billy Gibbons referred to it as "a collision of the rednecks." The tour was scheduled to continue through July 2000, however, due to Dusty Hill's serious illness, June and July dates were postponed indefinitely. Please check the Dusty Update for further details. Available here are the XXX concert schedule, notes and reviews, and set lists.

1/18/01: ZZ Top performed at the inauguration party of President George W. Bush. The set list included a new song called "Man Upstairs." Check for plen'y details.
5/8/01: Billy Gibbons is a guest on the John Mayall CD "Along for the Ride," released today. Other guests on the album include Jonny Lang, Steve Cropper and Jeff Healey.
8/01: BFG sat in with Kid Rock on Rock's "If I Were President", on Mtv's 20th Anniversary special. [video]
2/21/02: ZZ Top played RodeoHouston. Reviews are available from the Houston Chronicle and from mailing lizzt members Mike Keith and Francene Price. Photos are available in the Photo Album.

Dusty got married! Check out the press release and pictures on the Dusty Wedding page.

Country music update: Billy Gibbons is featured on the new Hank Williams III album Lovesick Broke & Driftin' on the song "Trashville." ZZ Top also appeared with Brooks & Dunn on the April 21 episode of CMT Crossroads. Their performance was taped on March 3 in Nashville in front of a studio audience at the Grand Ole Opry House. Moving right along... Country artists including Willie Nelson, Alan Jackson, Brooks & Dunn and others pay tribute to ZZ Top with a new album Sharp Dressed Man: A Tribute to ZZ Top, out on May 7. Consensus: If you're into country, you might consider it. According to, Gibbons and Hill also backed several country acts at RCA's recent General Jackson riverboat concert. Lastly, Billy Gibbons makes a brief appearance in the Tim McGraw video "The Cowboy In Me."

Billy Gibbons has appeared in a Quaker State motor oil commercial. The ad features some of his hot rods including Eliminator, Cadzzilla and the Hogzzillas. In the ad, Billy looks for help changing his oil, and a group of women in pit crew jumpsuits pop out. A video clip [5MB .mpg] is available.

ZZ Top completed a short tour of casinos in the US in May '02. A European tour leg took place next in October-November 2002. All pertinent information including dates, set lists, reviews, photos, etc. for both tours can be found on the Past Tour Info Page. Drummer Frank Beard underwent an operation during the European tour. Check the Frank Update for details.

The movie "Back to the Future, Part III," wherein ZZ Top made a cameo appearance as a 3-piece band, was released on DVD in the US on December 17, 2002. The DVD has also been released in Europe. The Doubleback music video is included as a bonus feature on this DVD.

Billy Gibbons was recently interviewed by Car Crazy on the Speed Channel. The show first aired Feb. 15, 2003. A video clip (34MB divx encoded .avi) is available. (Thanks to SV.)

3/4/03: The boyzz played RodeoHouston for the second time. A Houston Chronicle review and set list are available.

5/26/03: ZZ Top appeared on the USA Network for a 70th birthday tribute to Willie Nelson, playing "She Loves My Automobile." The show was originally taped in New York in April. A video clip (25MB divx encoded .avi) is available thanks to SV.

6/13/03: The Austin Chronicle published this article regarding Clive Davis and the Mescalero snafu.

6/28/03: ZZ Top played at the Corvette 50th Anniversary in Nashville, Tennessee. A news article is available, along with an article on B.G.'s Les Paul 50th Anniversary Corvette guitar. Also check out the recent Corvette print advertisement featuring lyrics from the song "Chevrolet" off Rio Grande Mud.

Click here for graphic, album title (right) for lyrics. A new album entitled Mescalero was released in the US on September 9, 2003 and September 8 internationally. The new album features 17 songs including an unlisted bonus song after the sixteenth track, "As Time Goes By." There were numerous reports of the "Piece" single getting radio play for a short time but sadly no widespread radio play for some of the arguably stronger songs on the album like Stackin' Paper, Tramp, Crunchy, Dusted, or Liquor. A press release is available for the new album. Reviews are available from: San Antonio Express-News and (The album was originally to be released in the US on April 15, 2003 and April 14 internationally. This article has more information on the album delay.) The Japanese issue of Mescalero, released September 25, features a bonus track called Sanctify in addition to the aforementioned "As Time Goes By."

Billy Gibbons made a guest appearance on Kid Rock's new album Kid Rock which came out November 11, 2003.

ZZ Top has been inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. The ceremony was held March 15th 2003 at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York, and aired on VH1 on Sunday March 21 at 8pm and 10pm. A video clip (59MB mpg) is available. About time! The Houston Chronicle article was one of more than 400 news outlets to mention ZZ Top in this regard. An AP press release on their nomination and Billboard articles on the induction and the inductees' reactions.

The "Chrome, Smoke and BBQ" CD box set was released on October 14, 2003. The standard box set contains four discs and 80 remastered tracks. Yes, that means they sound like they did on the original vinyl, not like the Six-Pack or the individual CD's which were controversially remixed. A limited-edition release of 15,000 CSBBQ sets exists, each of which contains a flip book, "BBQ shack-inspired packaging" and cardboard cutouts. The CSBBQ box set was originally to be released in February 2003. For further information check the Billboard article

The 'Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers' tour, which began in April 2003, wrapped up in November 2003 but the tour was extended with a series of dates in July-September 2004. The schedule and full concert information including press release, review and set lists can be found on the Past Tour Info page. A press release is also available. Opening most shows were Ted Nugent and Kenny Wayne Shepherd with Double Trouble. ZZ Top closed the Compaq Center in Houston, playing the final show there the night of November 22, 2003. The venue, previously known as the Summit, was to be converted into a church. Check the press release and Houston Chronicle article for further details. An advertisement for that show is also available on the Photo Album page.

Click here for graphic. A two-disc boxed CD set called "Rancho Texicano" and DVD of "Greatest Hits - The Video Collection" were released on June 15, 2004. The DVD offers Dolby Surround and DTS in addition to standard stereo audio. DK writes in to advise that "the mixes are the ones from the CS&B box set, newly remastered from the original tapes, and not the old Six Pack 'echoey 80s drums' mixes."

7/26/04: Billy Gibbons sat in at a Los Angeles studio for a midnight jam with Queens of the Stone Age. It was rumored that BFG's contributions might make QOTSA's new album.

3/15/05: Billy G. does a Q&A in the May 2005 issue of Guitar World. He also reviews the new Los Super Seven disc "Heard It on the X".

3/22/05: Queens of the Stone Age (QOTSA) released their new album, Lullabies to Paralyze. Billy G. plays and sings on track 6, "Burn the Witch". It is reported that the limited edition album contains a DVD with a video clip of BFG and QOTSA playing & talking.

4/1/05: ZZ Top plays the Discovery Channel's "Biker Build Off Ultimate Chop" award show at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas. Videos are available for Cheap Sunglasses and Waitin' for My Bike. Early tickets to the taping were offered to mailing lizzt members. The show first aired on April 3rd and repeats continued to air thereafter.

4/20/05: Billy Gibbons makes a cameo appearance on Speedvision's Build or Bust. Video clips 1 and 2 are available thanks to Ryan Grealy.

8/5/05: BFG collaborates on the score to the new Dukes of Hazzard movie, press release and photo here.

8/21/05: Star Travel, on the Travel Channel, featured 10 minutes with Billy Gibbons and his hot rods. 36mb avi thanks to Sean Vincent.

Billy Gibbons is featured on Nickelback's album All the Right Reasons released October 4th. Gibbons plays on the "Follow You Home" track. BG also appears on Vivian Campbell's new album Two Sides of If, as musician and writer of the "Willin' for Satisfaction" song which he reportedly penned minutes before it was recorded. Further, BG appears on a track called "Tired of your Jive" on the new B.B. King album 80 released September 13th. Lastly, Gibbons will be a part of the Les Paul & Friends album American Made World Played released August 30, playing on the "Bad Case of Lovin' You" track. [mp3]

Billy's autobiography, "Billy F. Gibbons: Rock + Roll Gearhead" was released on October 15, 2005. Press coverage is available from Rubber Magazine. Lister Jerry says, "The content is AWESOME! Lots of pictures of Billy, his cars, hot women and guitars. It doesn't get much better. Billy's story telling ability is in overdrive." For further information visit the Photo Album and Books pages under More About ZZ Top.

Nov. 11, 2005: ZZ Top completed their 2005 "Whack Attack" tour. Check the tour page for full details.

Billy appeared for book signings at the following locations:

Independent filmmaker Jamie Chamberlin spent four days with Billy Gibbons documenting the release of his book, his studio and radio appearances, and the people who surround him. The trailer can be viewed on YouTube. Jamie requests that viewers interested in seeing the entire film post their comments on YouTube.

Nov. 28, 2005: Billy appeared on Leno with Queens of the Stone Age. Fan reviews were mixed with widespread confusion about BFG's interest in QOTSA alongside appreciation of his strong guitar performance.

Feb. 28, 2006: Warner released reissues of "Tres Hombres" and "Fandango!" According to this article each album features three additional live tracks.

April 23, 2006: Billy Gibbons was featured in an interview on the T-Bird Show.

According to, ZZ Top was inducted into the City of Houston's Hall of Fame at a gala dinner on August 23 at the Worthham Theater. For full details see the article on

August 31, 2006: BFG made a guest appearance on the MTV Video Music Awards, joining the Raconteurs for "Cheap Sunglasses". Check out the Buck Owens guitar in this video clip.

Sept. 11, 2006: Jim Slotek & Jane Stevenson write in this article in the Toronto Sun that BFG may lend his voice to one of the cars in the new car culture documentary "Tales of the Rat Fink."

Sep. 18, 2006: ZZ Top is parting ways with manager Bill Ham and the RCA label. Ham, president of Austin-based Lone Wolf Management, played a central role in the formation of the band around 1969 and was, according to many accounts, a key player in the band's development for much of their early years. His style was undoubtedly key to building ZZ Top's mystique as an act. Articles from Reuters and The Austin American Statesman are available.

October 1, 2006: "Skydog: The Duane Allman Story", a hardcover biography by Billy Gibbons is available from Barnes & Noble at

ZZ Top received the International Entertainment Buyer's Association's Lifetime Achievement Award at their conference in Nashville, October 15-17, 2006. For further details see this article from Entertainment Magazine.

10/24/06: Restless Records will release "Butchering the Beatles", featuring Billy Gibbons singing and playing guitar on "Revolution".

November 30, 2006: Tour dates were posted for the 2007 Tour. Check the old concerts page for more details including set lists and show notes from the first shows. Note: The European tour dates announced previously were cancelled so that Dusty could undergo medical treatments for a benign growth in his inner ear that is affecting his hearing. Check the Dusty Update for the latest.

December 6, 2006: The Austin American Statesman has reported that ZZ Top has signed the Sanctuary Group to be their new management. Here is a subsequent article from Encore.

March 14, 2007: VH-1 Classic aired the Celebrity Poker Tournament with Dusty at 10pm EST, rerunning it several times over the next few days.

April 7, 2007: ZZ Top was inducted into the Southeast Texas Walk of Fame. This article from KBTV has more details.

May 12, 2007: VH1 honored the music and influence of ZZ Top at their Rock Honors show at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas.

May 16, 2007: BFG made another guest appearance on Bones airing on Fox.

November 12, 2007: Billy appeared alongside Roky Erickson at an Austin City Limits taping. The show was scheduled to be broadcast on January 12th. Thanks to CW for the tip. BK, who was at the taping, reports that Billy "absolutely didn't want to steal the spotlight away from his friend Roky, who he musically looked up to as a young man. He was clearly enjoying the experience immensely, and paying something back. Billy never stepped forward for any of his solos. The only thing he did besides playing was, during applause breaks, to twice point his index fingers at Roky."

January 3, 2008: ZZ Top was the major attraction during the halftime show of the 2008 Orange Bowl at Dolphin Stadium.

February 25, 2008: Tour dates are posted for the 2008 "El Camino Ocho" Tour. Check the old concerts page for more details.

Live From Texas DVD cover imageZZ Top: Live from Texas, a widescreen DVD with DTS/Dolby Digital 5.1/Dolby Stereo sound, captured live during the most recent tour, was released June 9, 2008 in Europe and June 24th in the US. Click here for the sales bulletin. A review is also available.

ZZ Top appeared at the Hard Rock Cafe in Houston on June 23, 2008 to promote their new Live From Texas DVD. Free open-to-the-public viewing parties were held at select Hard Rock Cafes throughout the US. Check the press release from Kayos Productions for the schedule and further info. Cineplex Entertainment also screened "Live from Texas" on June 19th at approximately 50 theaters across Canada. Check their press release for further information.

7/2/08: According to an article on, ZZ Top has signed a record deal with American Recordings. According to the article, further small venue concert dates are expected, to be followed by a new album.

8/11/2008: Tour dates are posted for the continuation of the 2008 "El Camino Ocho" Tour, now dubbed the "In Your Face" Tour. Check the old concerts page for full details.

Cover image The Collector's Edition Eliminator CD/DVD was released on September 9 2008. Click through to see the 1/10/08 press release from Warner Bros. The CD features seven new audio tracks including 2 remixes and 5 live cuts from Castle Donington and The Marquee Club. The DVD portion includes four previously released music videos and five live songs originally broadcast on British TV in 1983. Release date was moved from 3/26 to 6/10 to 8/12 to 9/9.

10/14/2008: "We Wish You A Metal Xmas And A Headbanging New Year" is released, including "Run Rudolph Run" performed by Dave Grohl, Lemmy Kilmister and Billy Gibbons.

Live From Texas CD cover image

Live from Texas, CD soundtrack of the eponymous DVD, was released 10/15/2008. Press release from Kayos thanks to antiMUSIC.

12/17/2008: Additional concert dates have been released through August 2010!

7/2/2009: Aerosmith postponed upcoming shows due to artist injury. More here. (Update 7/22/09: The show appears to go on albeit with ongoing changes on the Aerosmith side.) (Update 8/11: More dates ditched.)

8/14/2009: ZZ Top/Aerosmith tour cancelled due to Aerosmith band member injury. Check the concerts page for additional ZZ Top dates.

Double Down Live DVD cover image Double Down Live, a two-DVD set, was released Oct 20, 2009. Disc 1 is the famous Rockpalast show from Germany in 1980 and disc 2 contains more recent (2008) live concert footage interspersed with "behind the scenes" video and commentary. The release was announced 8/11; check Eagle Rock's web site for details.

9/4/2010: Concert dates are posted through the end of 2011. Check the concerts page for more details. This schedule will be updated constantly as new information is released and dates are confirmed.

5/15/2011: Billy Gibbons has been appointed to the position of Texas State Musician 2012 by the Texas State Legislature. For more information check out mi2n and Texas Commission on the Arts which has a particularly detailed biography of BFG. Congratulations Billy!

7/31/2011: Billy Gibbons, in an interview with Mojo Magazine, described the album ZZ Top is currently recording. Along with the interview is an audio clip of a new song, called "Flying High". Check Guitar World for a full writeup.

8/6/2011: BFG joins Slash, Joe Bonamassa and others on Leslie West's new album, "Unusual Suspects".

1/11/2012: ZZ Top plays RodeoHouston again this year. Click for details!

2/3/2012: Began posting Summer 2012 dates on the concerts page!

ZZ Top: A Tribute from Friends - cover image 10/11/2011: New album "ZZ Top: A Tribute from Friends" is released, featuring Coheed & Cambria, Daughtry, Filter, Wyclef Jean, Jamey Johnson, Loaded, Mastodon, Nickelback, Grace Potter, Wolfmother, Mick Fleetwood, Steven Tyler, Jonny Lang & John McVie. A detailed article is available at Note that unlike past tribute albums, this album appears well-coordinated by the 'Top themselves: for starters, the album lists executive producers Billy F Gibbons, Dusty Hill, Frank Beard and Carl Stubner! Just a courtesy, you say? The So-Cal Speed Shop logo is featured on the back cover of the album and none other than a Mescalero skeleton with a bottle labeled "Pura Vida" is on the front. Yes, a product placement for BFG's "preferred" tequila too! Also note Billy F Gibbons is listed in the liner notes as playing electric guitar on Just Got Paid, "courtesy of American Recordings"; Gibbons is also given credit for art direction and design. Liner notes indicate management by Carl Stubner and Blain Clausen at Sanctuary Artist Management, with Blain Clausen as Project Manager. So, we hereby invite ZZ Top -- band, management, crew, pets... -- join us and help coordinate and direct the next fan tribute album.... specifically, we request Dusty to sit in on Thug, we want... uhh.. hello? Hm. The line went dead. Guess not.
You got the album too, and you want to write the 'official review' to be posted on this site? Contact me at the email address at the bottom of the page...

The following newzz is the most recent information that's available, and is updated regularly as new information is released:

5/7/2012: Updated clip with a longer version of ZZ Top playing their new single, "I Gotsta Get Paid" in a Jeremiah Weed beer commercial.

Texicali EP cover imageTexicali, a 4-track "digital collection" was released through digital retail outfits June 5, 2012. According to the press release, the disc contains these new songs: I Gotsta Get Paid, Chartreuse, Over You and Consumption. Here are links to previews already online: I Gotsta Get Paid | Chartreuse | Consumption. "Flying High", cited above, is apparently getting a rewrite before its inclusion on the full new alben.

LA FUTURA cover imageLong-awaited new alben, LA FUTURA, was released September 11, 2012. New tracks (in addition to those already released on Texicali) are "Heartache in Blue", "I Don't Wanna Lose, Lose You", "It's Too Easy Mañana", "Big Shiny Nine", "Flyin' High" and "Have a Little Mercy". Check out's interview with Billy Gibbons which covers the new album track by track! Best Buy is selling a special edition version of the CD containing two bonus tracks, "Threshold of a Breakdown" and "Drive By Lover". A new music video is available for "I Gotsta Get Paid"! For album reviews, check The Houston Chronicle, The Guardian and indieLONDON.

According to this article, a sequel album is expected consisting of up to 12 tracks that were recorded in studio but omitted from La Futura.

The Complete Studio Albums 1970-1990 cover imageOn 6/11/2013, Rhino Records released "The Complete Studio Albums 1970-1990", a collection of ZZ Top's first 10 albums in their original format, that is, without the electronic redubbing that was added to the CDs when they were first released. Much of this content will probably be similar to the Chrome Smoke & BBQ box set but this will make a nice reference collection for those who don't have all the early albums or want to hear what the music originally sounded like. Raw!

Live at Montreux 2013 cover image "Live at Montreux 2013", a new DVD, was released July 22. Notably, the DVD features musicians Mike Flanigin and Van Wilks sitting in with the band. The set list is pretty standard but includes "Kiko" in addition to "I Gotsta Get Paid", "Flyin' High", "Chartreuse" and 13 other songs.

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